Oct 03

Women’s soccer is an exciting, fast-paced sport that really does not get the attention it deserves. This sport has delivered some of the most existing games in all of sports in recent years. If you want to keep up with women’s soccer, look no further than the World Wide Web.

For the most part, information about women’s soccer is pretty sparse on the major sports sites. You may see a story here and there, especially if there is a big tournament coming up. However, there is a lot happening in the sport between major tournaments.

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May 21

Game Techniques Used In Women’s Soccer

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When you’re a woman who is interested in playing soccer, you probably want to learn a little bit more about the sport. Teamwork and cooperation are two of the most important techniques you’ll need to know. Some people are going to think you aren’t as able to work as well together as men are, so be sure to prove them wrong!

On top of these personality techniques, you also need to know the basic skills of soccer. The level at which you must Read the rest of this entry »

Mar 28

Where To Buy Women’s Soccer Gear

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Soccer is a wonderful sport in which many women participate. This sport empowers them to use their athletic abilities to their highest potential and to get involved with a really healthy activity. Knowing where to buy the best gear for you can really be helpful in this sporting endeavor.

The best place to check is usually the local sports shop. This store should have plenty of gear available for women of all sizes and ages. If the entire team purchases supplies from one Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 24

Whether it’s women’s soccer or men’s soccer, you are a soccer fanatic. Why else would you be reading this site? Unfortunately, soccer isn’t exactly as mainstream as football or baseball – especially if you are living in the States. So how do you keep up with your favorite sport when you’re living in a country that doesn’t even call it by the correct name? Well, getting your television from www.cable.tv is a great way to start.

Just because America may not have fully embraced the sport of soccer – known to the rest of the world as football – doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with it. Television service providers like the one we mentioned before can help.

There are tons of sports packages on the market that specialize in many different events from the old mainstays like hockey, baseball, American football and basketball to more specific sporting events like tennis and golf. There are even channels that cover international soccer as well as things you might not have even heard of like cricket.

The long short of it is this – if you want to keep up with soccer, you might not have far to go. It could be just as simple as contacting your television provider.

May 25

How Long And Often Is Practice Held?

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Since the ban on women’s Soccer was lifted after 1974, the sport has really taken off. There are women’s Soccer teams around the world and more and more women get involved every season. If you are into sports it is one of the most intense sports that a woman can play and just as rewarding.
The schedule for when women practice on the team she chooses varies but, most women’s soccer teams practice twice a week. Practice is usually held at night to Read the rest of this entry »

May 24

Do you know the positions of players in women’s soccer? There are six basic positions in a women’s soccer team:

Goalkeeper (GK)
Each soccer team has only one Goalkeeper. The Goalkeeper stays close to her team’s goal and defends it from a score by the other team. The Goalkeeper looks different from the other players because they wear a different color from the other players on the team.

Fullback (FB)
There are 2 – 4 Fullbacks on each team. The Fullbacks play close to the goal and aide the Goalkeeper in defending against Read the rest of this entry »

May 23

What Soccer Equipment Is Mandatory To Wear?

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Playing the game of soccer is fun and accessible for all ages and genders. This sport does not require expensive equipment or fancy gear in order to play. Its universal nature and appeal is what has millions across the country, and the world engaging in and playing year round.

There are basically five things that are needed in order to engage in a pickup game of soccer. The first and the most important is a soccer ball. While any type of ball can be used if a regulation Read the rest of this entry »

May 19

Attending a woman’s soccer game is one of the most amazing experiences that I had. I admit that I was skeptical at first because it was something that was unconventional. During the warm-ups, you can see the focus, determination and confidence from both teams. However as the game started, I felt an adrenaline rush that I had never achieved in my life. The game was very physical as both teams hustled and competed fiercely Read the rest of this entry »

May 15

Women’s soccer is exciting to both participate in and watch! It moves at a fast pace, and changes from defense to offense in a split second. Here are five reasons that women’s soccer is both interesting and exciting!

individual skill team work competition exercise strategy

1. Strategy:
A lot of strategy goes into playing and competing in women’s soccer. Players must use their minds, as well as their athleticism, to play at a high level.

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